Monday, March 8, 2010

a letter for me

 dear ain,

don`t be sad of the thing that already done for u but smile for it,jus let it go for a moment..don`t care what happen you must look forward..
full ur heart with happiness coz life is short and its only one chance...
if ur feel sad look of what thing that makes u happy again,don`t do other that are stupid..
u`re so strong dear,use ur power,do`t let u go down n down until u cannot go up again..
 love for what u be and what u`re,
u`re something special than others cause u are totally different from them...
God hav been created u as for what u`re `being..
u caring,u tear,u feeling is soo meaningful..
u`re such a happy women dear,..
cheerful ur life back...with all ur happiness...

don`t u mention that all the thing that happens makes u more better,
God know what is good for u,..
remember God is the only onewho know all what u want..
and create u with all HE loves...

ur life is soo long more dear..,
do u want to be sad all that moment..
create ur life with a sadness story...

don`t bother of what people said bout u,
coz u`re `the only one that know who is u..

when u get to fall in love,
don`t u give all what u have,
but be for what u`re...
don`t u be sad if u`re being down with that...
but think carefully...coz God is try to create something...
if he is for U,he will comes back to u..with a good behind it..
coz u will do no what will happens someday..

full of love,
ur heart..